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May 23, 2024

This Week In Gang Land

Bazoo Allegedly Acted Like A Maniac In Loansharking Case Against A Codefendant  

John RaganoGang Land Exclusive!Bonanno mobster John (Bazoo) Ragano broke new ground when he pleaded guilty to federal loansharking charges involving a victim who was a defendant in the same case, the blockbuster indictment that charged the hierarchy of the Colombo crime family with shaking down a Queens-based construction workers union for 20 years, Gang Land has learned.

It wasn't that Ragano had committed a crime against a codefendant. That's happened more than a few times, too many to mention. Bazoo allegedly continued to commit the crime for eight months after pleading guilty to committing the crime, according to court filings by his attorneys, who have asked the judge to dismiss the case.

Ragano, who pleaded guilty to using extortionate means to collect weekly interest payments of $2250 on a $150,000 "juice" loan from Vincent Martino in November of 2022, is charged with continuing to try to extort money from Martino, until July 5, 2023, a few days before Bazoo was about to begin the 57-month prison term he received. On that day, Martino tape recorded Ragano as he allegedly threatened Martino to pay up or else.

Lawyer For Colombo Hitman Whose Credo Is 'Death Before Dishonor,' Was A Government Snitch

Shon HopwoodThe noted appeals lawyer who represents convicted mob hitman John Pappa in his longshot motion for an early prison release was a kindred spirit who spent a decade behind bars before becoming an attorney. But Shon Hopwood was also a cooperating witness who had violated the "Death before dishonor" credo that his client has tattooed in Italian on his back, Gang Land has learned.

After Three Years Behind Bars, Michael Michael Is Almost All The Way Home

Mileta MiljanicThe feds have so far failed to prove that Mileta (Michael Michael) Miljanic was ever the leader of a violent Serbian-American gang or a partner of the Gambino family in a slew of racketeering crimes in the construction industry, as they alleged in court filings. Despite that, they managed to keep him behind bars on substantial fraud charges – until recently.  

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