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John Gotti in his early days at MarionThe above constitutes a typical comment Gang Land received during a months-long survey of regular readers back in 2008 on whether or not this website should become paid subscription only for access to the columns and other info on the site.

The survey took place when Gang Land realized that in order for the website to survive, you, the reader, would have to help keep it afloat. There was no other way that would not compromise, or diminish the product.

Cops and Agents surround the body of Carmine GalanteAs a result, and in spite of certain regrets, we made the move to a pay subscription site that same year. Gang Land followed the one trait shared on both sides of the law: Always get paid for your work.

Since advertising revenue just didn't cut it, we removed all ads and pop-ups from the site and on June 26, 2008, Gang Land became a paid-subscription website.

To read the latest weekly* column, any of the archived columns (about 25 years' worth), and all of the other features on the website, you have to register and pay a fee.

The cost? Back then, and now, more than a dozen years later? A minimum monthly subscription is $5. That may still be a bit more than a gallon of gas where you live, but it's probably less than what you paid for that cigar.

We also offer a special semi-annual pass at $25; you pay for five months, you get one month free. Nice huh?

And a yearly subscription goes for $45.00; you pay for nine months, and get three months free. It doesn't get better than that.

Cops & FBI Agents Surround The Body Of Paul CastellanoThat's for the most comprehensive collection of wiseguy lore and history available anywhere.

Subscribers are identified by email address and a unique username and password chosen by the subscriber. Login is required to access the subscription-only content.

Lenny DiMaria Shouts It OutGang Land's preferred payment method is credit card. (But because of numerous requests, we do accept checks and money orders. Those details are below.) Gang Land accepts all major credit cards. Your subscription will begin immediately after your payment is processed through our secure server. On our honor, there will be no criminal background checks! It should take less than three minutes. Once your payment is received, you're ready to go.

Frank Costello laughed off his gunshot wound.Signing up is simple, similar to other subscription websites. And of course, Gang Land will never share your personal information with any other entity — on any side of the law.

Jailhouse Rock with Carmine Perico on the drums, Anthony Senter and Mark Reiter on vocals and J.R. Russo on guitar.As stated above, credit card payments are preferred. But if you are willing to pay an undiscounted $60 for a year's subscription, you can send a check or money order payable to Jerry Capeci. Mail it to Jerry Capeci, P.O. Box 863, Long Beach, NY 11561. Also enclose a valid email address so we can email you a username and password. You will be stuck with the username, and once you log in to the site, you should change the password to one that you prefer. Please TYPE or PRINT the email address CLEARLY or we won't be able to get a username and password to you. There are no refunds.

* The column appeared weekly until July 19, 2019. That day, after publishing 1150 columns beginning in September of 1996, Gang Land stated it would take up to six hoidays a year and continue to publish real stuff about organized crime at least 46 weeks a year, still a heavier work load than most agents, cops, prosecutors, lawyers, judges and wiseguys. Also, for the foreseeable future, whatever that means, the cost of a subscription will remain the same as it has been for 14 years, and counting. And for a measly five bucks a month, you'll never see a pop-up ad on the site. As the late lamented Mad Magazine would say, "Cheap!"

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